HING KONG / by Shaun Sundholm

Today is a super shitty day for many reasons but mainly because we put an openly partisan, blatant liar and multiple sexual harassment accused, king of high school turds everywhere, on the Supreme Court. So fuck the patriarchy lets harken back to time, oh say 4 weeks ago, when we still had hope that maybe one Republican Senator had a heart.

In early September a surprise freelance job took me back to Hong Kong for what was to be a week of work before returning to Oaxaca to work remotely. Well advertising had other plans and decided a month in Asia was a better idea, so I spent 3 weeks in Hong Kong and a week back in my most recent ex-hometown, Shanghai. The entire time my phone kept autocorrecting Hong Kong into Hing Kong so I just went with it. #thanksobama

In addition to exciting advertising related curveballs the largest typhoon in over 40 years, Typhoon Mangkhut, slammed almost directly into Hong Kong before heading on to the Mainland. Naturally it was a both exciting and terrifying experience, where learned my lesson not to go out before a storm is really over when a massive window frame fell out of a skyscraper into the street where I had been standing 30 seconds earlier. Fun! Stay inside, stay safe. But exploring the damage afterword and observing how fast the city repaired itself was humbling.

Luckily with my extended timeline I had a few weekends and was able to get out of the city and visit Lamma island and the famed Choi Hung Estate basketball courts. The photos here are from the former, next week I’ll put up the renowned rainbow courts.

Thanks for looking.