Nike: Just Do It

In the West, “Just do it” has a profound motivational weight to it, and an instant association to Nike. However, in China where English isn’t the first language, the classic tagline takes on a whole other meaning — or rather, no meaning. Those who say it, often say it as a personal catch phrase to convey a feeling in the moment, but don’t understand it. With a powerful voiceover of lines like “You don’t have to do it to be famous… you don’t have to do it for the boys…. you don’t have to do it right… we never said to do any of this. Just do it,”
— Hypebeast

We Never Said Do It For The Gold.

We launched the campaign during the closing ceremony of the Olympics on the heels of Nike's global Unstoppable effort, taking out full page ads opposite the medal tally.

The response to the campaign in China was overwhelming and it soon caught fire across the globe. In an article titled "China's Millennial Consumers: What Victoria's Secret Got Wrong, And Nike Got Right" Forbes Magazine decried an attempt by Victorias Secret to co-opt Chinese imagery in a campaign, while praising our effort as doing a "stellar job."

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