Nike Basketball: Kobe Retirement - Don't Love Me. Hate Me.

In China Kobe is revered at a near god-like status and his retirement demanded a message befitting his legendary career. As a book end to his first Nike commercial, Love Me or Hate Me, we created a message for his Chinese fans letting them know love isn't enough, only when they've given as much to the game as he has can they truly love him, until then hate him. This was also the first campaign I've worked on where the athlete gets a slash, Kobe re-wrote the script 30 minutes before we were supposed to shoot. Obviously he wanted us to hate him as well.

"Unusual" - Creativity
"Remarkable" - AdWeek
"Goosebumps" - Bleacher Report
"Chilling" - Black Sports Online

CW: Nick Finney/Kobe Bryant