Jordan: The Winning Moment

For the 30th anniversary of the Jordan Brand we cut the crap and got Michael Jordan himself to tell the kids of China the moment when a game is really won and that moment is not when the ball is in your hands with 3 seconds on the clock. Also I got to work with my childhood hero, Michael Jordan, so that was pretty cool. Creativity, AdWeek and Campaign thought it was pretty cool too. We picked up a One Show Merit award as well.

In addition to the film we captured elite high school player's winning moments in the locker room immediately before a tournament and put them up along side their NBA heroes around basketball courts across the country. Online and at select events including the 30th anniversary bash with MJ, you could capture your own winning moment and see it placed along side NBA greats.

MJ decided to drop into Shanghai for the 30th anniversary celebration and we turned the entire city skyline Jordan Brand green to welcome him. Color proofing an entire city skyline in real time from one of the busiest tourist attractions in China was one of the more bizarre things I've done in advertising.

Copywriting/Art Direction: Shaun Sundholm

Chinese Copywriter: Jimmy Chen