Shaun Sundholm is a human person, residing in the most populous city on earth, Shanghai, China. Originally hailing from the clean air and fresh waters of Portland, Ore., he spent several years conducting field research whole hog BBQ in Durham, N.C., he now spends his days (and sometimes nights) as the Creative Director on the Nike account at W+K Shanghai.

Recently he has befriended a small to medium sized dog named Clyde and can frequently be found wandering the noodle laden streets of Shanghai in search of tacos.

Awards & Accolades:

One Show Interactive / Silver
One Show Entertainment / Bronze
One Show / Merit
Spikes Asia / Silver
Effie / Silver
Mixx Award / Silver, Bronze
Webby / People's Choice award
Webby Award Honoree
Portland Rosie Award
Longxi Creative Award (I don't know either.)
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Creativity Pick of the Day
Communication Arts
Ads of the World
Baldwin& Chili Cookoff / Gold (tie)